2023 Board Members 

We are delighted to introduce you to our newly elected board for 2023-2024.  This volunteer group is comprised of passionate residents and merchants, many of whom live and work in Bellevue. Below is a photo of the team, from right to left.

Back row: Joe @ Joe Bae Salon, Don @ Whisk, Aleeta @ House of Hebe, Chanel @ Smith & Main, Terri @Vander Hoek Corporation, Randy @ 520 Bar & Grill, Bobby @ Bis on Main, Michelle @Bar Moore

Front row: Nova @ ZenRock Fitness, Anthony @ Umpqua Bank, Joseph @ Brazen Windermere

Our OBMA board has always worked closely together and this year, has elected the following officers to guide the meetings and OBMA in general.


President - Joseph

1st VP - Randi 

2nd VPs - Anthony/Chanel

Treasurer - Don

Secretary - Terri

In addition, this year, we are excited to launch committees to help shape the direction of the OBMA


Membership - Chanel, Anthony, Bobby, Joe 

By-Laws - Joseph, Terri, Anthony 

Beautification - Don

Finance - Don

Marketing/Social Media - Anthony, Chanel, Aleeta, Michelle

Events - Randi, Nova, Terri