520 Bar & Grill

Voted Best Bar by the Reader’s of 425 Magazine. Voted Best Patio by 425 Magazine

The 520 Bar and Grill truly reflects the character of this diverse neighborhood. It’s at once a relaxed, comfortable pub, where weary shoppers can sidle up to the bar and enjoy their favorite beverage, and at the same time a meeting and gathering place for community groups and events. It’s a place to celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family or to watch your favorite sporting event. A quiet, romantic dinner? Absolutely. Girls' night out? Right, this way. A power lunch during which you close the deal? We’ll provide the notary.

The Brazen’s are proud of the community feeling they’ve created with the 520 Bar and Grill, and work hard to give back to the same community that’s so warmly embraced their efforts. If we can help you plan or organize your next event, from a charity auction to a 50th birthday party (and anything in between), please give us a call.