Winter Holiday Party

Thursday, 14 December, 2024

Join us to celebrate an epic 2023

We are sure you'll all agree that 2023 has been one for the history books!

We have reestablished our Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Accounts.

Visitor numbers across Old Bellevue have risen to higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Retail spaces, residential accommodation and restaurants have benefitted from a significant increase in foot traffic.

The Winter lights are up and look amazing.

We had over 900 attendees at our Fall Wine Walk and well over 1,000 children visiting for Halloween!

Links with the city and other organizations were strengthened!

Our board of directors grew in number and enthusiasm.

Our list of successes could go on!

So come along to celebrate our year that was!

Generously funded by Umpqua Bank, with catering from Carmines!