Title Nine

We are a small, Northern California company, woman-run and owned since 1989. We believe that the outdoors and a good workout can be the antidote to many of life's problems.

We’re serious about offering a range of performance clothing that’s versatile enough to move through your day, and strong enough to keep up with your every move. Our range of athletic clothing, swimwear, and activewear is designed to keep women owning, risking, and leading in their workouts and in their lives. Whether you're looking for sport-specific athletic clothing that can go the distance, or simply comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking dresses, pants, shorts, tops, and jackets, Title Nine's got the clothing you need to keep moving. 

We believe that business is a team sport, a grand experiment, and a powerful engine of change. Above all, we believe in women. We are fit to run, we are fit to lead, we are fit to win.

Title Nine - Bellevue

10217 Main Street
Bellevue, WA, 98004