The Old Bellevue Merchants Association (OBMA) is a passionate group of business owners and community leaders dedicated to the care and vibrancy of Old Bellevue.

Located in the heart of Downtown Bellevue, Old Bellevue offers a dynamic community filled with natural beauty, anchored by Downtown Park. Our walkable district welcomes all and is proud of our region’s heritage and the broad array of businesses and services available in our neighborhood.

The OBMA and its members are committed to producing a variety of events and activations for all to enjoy and to creating an engaging environment for all to experience.

We are an incredibly active association that is passionate about improving the Old Bellevue district of downtown Bellevue, Washington. We are proud of our region's heritage, natural beauty, many local amenities and the uniquely tailored services we can provide.

The board and its members are eager to:

Your Support Matters

OBMA is a volunteer based organization; funded through membership dues, donations and earned income from specialty events. We rely on your support carry out our work.

OBMA funds and supports district enhancements to provide a cohesive, welcoming and safe environment for all. We are proud of our collaboration with Old Bellevue businesses and residents to engage the community to amplify the built environment in which people live, work, and interact.

Your funding supports the following projects OBMA has been managing and implementing for over ten years:

Annual Winter Lights

A seasonal tree lighting installation along Main Street and side streets, thousands of beautiful lights brighten the streets of Old Bellevue. In cooperation with the City of Bellevue arborist, careful planning assures lights are professionally installed and tree growth is protected. The lights provide an enchanting experience for all who come to eat, shop and explore Old Bellevue. The lights also provide an added security enhancement since they are up during our dark and gray months. The 24- hour additional lighting, in conjunction with the street pole lights, help visibility as pedestrians navigate the street.

This project requires months of planning, and OBMA manages all aspects of the lighting installation, including: vendor selection and management, permitting, traffic management during the install, merchant coordination, power management, site maps and more. The fees for this project continue to rise an average of 15% annually. We will continue to prioritize this project based on the positive comments from the community.

Floral Beautification

Old Bellevue is known for its enchanting streets and distinctive businesses, drawing visitors from all over the region. OBMA manages and supports the beautification program that provides flowers and greenery in 75 large planters throughout Old Bellevue. Seasonal plantings happen twice a year and OBMA monitors the care and maintenance of the planters.

The planters provide a welcoming environment and businesses appreciate that OBMA manages the planters, including weekly waterings (more in summer months). In fact, OBMA manages all aspects of the beautification program, including: vendor selection and management, permitting, damaged pot replacement/repair, merchant coordination and more. The fees for this project are rising an average of 10% annually.

Get Involved

The OBMA is a 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit organization managed by a group of passionate volunteers. There are many ways to engage and support our efforts:

To learn more about the above opportunities and ways to get involved with OBMA, please drop an email to: