Meetings & Minutes

The Old Bellevue Merchants Association regularly holds two monthly meetings.

Board Meeting - First Thursday of every month

The board meets on the first Thursday of the month to discuss progress towards goals, receive feedback from committees and discuss next steps as well as to plan the contents of the next member meeting.

Third Thursday - Monthly

520 Bar & Grill hosts our monthly member meeting which is open to all members as well as guests, visitors and non-members interested in learning more. This meeting is held at 08:30 on the third Thursday of every month. Representatives from the City of Bellevue, Bellevue Downtown Association and Visit Bellevue are always in attendance. Occasionally we are also able to welcome external parties who wish to share information, offers or events with our members.

If you are not a member and you have something you feel would be of benefit to our members and the residents in Old Bellevue, please email us at We will do our best to add you to our upcoming meeting agenda.

Meeting Minutes

We email our meeting minutes out to our members after our monthly member meeting. If you would like to receive the most recent minutes, please email us at